On March 13, 2014 history was made in the Tennessee Assembly when House Joint Resolution 553 that acknowledges, renounces, and expresses regret for the Removal Act of 1830 and the death march called the Trail of Tears was passed unanimously in the House and the Senate. Those who facilitated this legislation believe that a Movement has begun for all state governments in the Southeast to follow suit with this piece of legislation and next it begins with Georgia! Their objective is to facilitate and assist the Georgia Assembly until such a resolution becomes a reality in the halls of the House and Senate!

Also, another goal equally important is to reach out to the people of Georgia especially to the Body of Christ in order to educate and bring an awareness that such a resolution is not a political action but a spiritual event of profound importance not just for us but for many generations of Georgians to come!

Watch the entire House Joint Resolution 553 event which occurred in Tennessee on March 13, 2014. Click Here!